Existentialism and the Modern Predicament / F. H. Heinemann


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A definitive survey of the origins, achievements and prospects of existentialism, by the Continental philosopher who coined the term Existenzphilosophie in 1929.

“A lucid exposition of the truly geological changes that have taken place in modern philosophy since Hegel. In this panoramic survey the author explores the whole range of our cultural metamorphosis. Heinemann’s broad and intimate acquaintance with history, litera-ture, and the arts establishes that lively rapport with reality that is missing in so many studies of this kind.” William Hubben, Theology Today

“He writes with a first-hand knowledge of the works of these writers, and his personal acquaintanceship with some of them adds to the interest of his account of their thought.”

Frederick C. Copleston, Hibbert Journal




Idioma: Inglês

Ano: 1958

Descrição Física: 230 p. ; 21 cm